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Vacation & Holidays

We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance. When you join our team, you’ll receive vacation days and company holidays to use as you choose.

Company Holidays
The holiday schedule is published on a yearly basis and includes days off for all of the major U.S. holidays.

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Paid Time Off – Hourly
Rolls-Royce Solutions America offers its regular full-time and part-time hourly employees the opportunity to earn and use paid time off, which combines employees’ vacation, sick and personal time into one account to provide greater flexibility. Newly hired employees begin accruing PTO immediately. The PTO annual accrual rate begins at 120 hours per year and caps at 200 hours per year, based upon their experience and/or time with the company. On an annual basis, occurring during Open Enrollment, employees have an opportunity to sell back PTO time accrued during the current or previous years at a 50% rate.

Paid Time Off – Salaried
Rolls-Royce Solutions America offers its full-time salaried employees up to 20 vacation days based on their experience and years with the company. Employees are also allowed to purchase up to five additional vacation days or sell up to 10 vacation days (provided you keep a minimum of five days) during the open enrollment period.

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